Niger Vs ECOWAS: Is “Democracy” a ‘system’ of governance or a ‘decision’ that is based on people’s interest/opinion

  1. Is “Democracy” a ‘system’ of governance or a ‘decision’ that is based on people’s interest/opinion?

If Democracy is truly the government of the people by the people and for the people. Then, who are the people? If it is centered on people’s interest/decision.

The question is, is the indigenous people of Niger/ni3r/ republic complaining about their new military(Coup) Government that suit their interest?If n! Then why won’t Nigeria/ECOWAS let the people of Niger with their decision on who to rule them?and if Democracy is not centered on people’s interest/decision(based on their current state of being). Then, we can conclude or view Democracy as “a system” of governance that is cynically centered on the interest of political elites and in view of this,we can define the term Democracy as the government of “the elites” by the elites and for the elites(since the aim of Nigeria/ECOWAS is not geared towards the current interest of the indigenous people of Niger people but of the elites in Niger).

Come to think of it, Why is Nigeria,ECOWAS and other host world power having Zero interest on the decision of the indigenous people of Niger?

The answer is either the people die as a result of hunger or die by means of guns through the use of military forces. Isn’t Nigeria/ECOWAS biased and hypocritical for given Niger an ultimatum that is against the interest of the indigenous Niger people?

What happens if Niger fails to comply to the one week ultimatum?

Why can’t that same ultimatum be given Over insecurities in our own country Nigeria?

Why can’t that same ultimatum be given over illiteracy?

Why can’t that same ultimatum be given over hunger/poverty?

Why can’t that same ultimatum be given over the state of hardship faced by people on daily basis?

Nigeria government may bridge the bilateral relationship with Niger by closing her border against Niger and may even disconnect her electric supply to Niger and for Nigeria to fight Niger/ni3r/ Republic. It’s like having Nigerian Air Force(NAF)Fighting Nigerian Army(NA) and for this to happen,It means the souls of Niger/ni3r/ people will definitely go down and the carcasses of Nigerian soldiers will be brought home and just as he(Niger military president) rightly said

“Anytime our soldiers goes down,they(world power)did nothing about it”

and Nigerian soldiers will definitely become victims of the same circumstances and if this is to happen who then is the next victim among the Nigerian soldiers? God forbid! Cause we are tired of of burying the carcass of our beloved ones who serve in the military on daily basis!

For it is written ” he who goes to equity ,must go with a clean hand “.

For Nigeria to declare war against Niger, She must first of all cleansed her self of her mess!

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